Trusted Institutions:
Righting Injustices, Bolstering Quality Governance


The International Ombud Expo 2024 will bring together over 500 ombud offices, human rights bodies, grievance handlers, integrity organisations, and related oversight and governance institutions from over 100 countries. Building on the exceptional success of the inaugural event and subsequent United Nations General Assembly Resolution 75/186 of December 2020, these institutions will participate in an exhibition and showcasing of their role, operation, and performance impact.

Convened under the theme: Trusted Institutions: Righting Injustices, Bolstering Quality Governance, the International Ombud Expo 2024 will involve: 

  • Exhibition of the work of different ombud offices in existence around the world;
  • First-time gathering of all ombud-types, complaints handlers, grievance offices and similar institutions in one location to showcase critical performance factors;
  • Unparalleled insight into how these institutions execute their roles and make a difference in governments and organisations across the globe;
  • One-on-one interaction and sharing of experiences with ombud leaders and diverse functionaries;
  • Participation in workshops and expert discussions on topical issues;
  • Meeting with wide ranging organisations which service and facilitate the role of ombud offices in different parts of the world; and
  • First-hand insight for policy makers, legislators, corporate leaders, organisation managers and professionals on role of ombud and related oversight and regulatory bodies in tackling wide-ranging governance problems, righting injustices, managing conflicts, and boosting performance and productivity of governments and organisations;
  • Provide a treasure-house of ideas, lessons, and best practices. Exhibitors and participants will share experiences, network, and enrich their capacity.

Participation in the International Ombud Expo 2024 is open to all ombud and ombud-type institutions; human rights organisations; integrity and anti-corruption bodies; mediators and grievance handling offices; Ombudsman Associations; Control Yuan; mediateurs; provedor d’justica; defensoria del pueblo; specialty ombuds offices; peoples advocates; public defenders; equality commissions; Inspector-Generals; professional support service providers; government agencies, universities and educational institutions; hospital management bodies; security and military establishments; banks and financial institutions; business and private establishments; media organisations; book publishers; sector stakeholders; civil society organisations; human rights networks; national and international professional associations; IT and software experts; international regional organisations; individual technical experts; etc.

International Ombud Expo will run from 29 July to 2 August 2024 in:



What To Expect

  • A unique global platform: unparalleled gathering in one location of ombud-types, human rights bodies, integrity organisations, grievance handlers and related oversight and governance institutions together with organisations that service and facilitate their roles
  • Market place of ideas and innovative solutions: a variegated display of how ombud, human rights, integrity and grievance handling offices effectively tackle a wide ranging of governance concerns, help reduce corruption, manage conflicts, enhance customer service, drive innovation, defend and promote human rights as well as boost performance and productivity of governments and organisations;
  • Ombud brands awareness: showcase of the work of these institutions as an indispensable feature of any well-functioning government and organisation determined to surpass their performance bottom-line;  
  • Exchange of best practices: on the role and operations of different oversight and governance bodies and how they realise effective control and sustainable performance in an often unpredictable governance and organisational landscape;
  • Institution benchmarking: opportunity of wide comparison of ombud and oversight-types across forms, sizes and orientation as well as enabling participating offices to evaluate themselves and benefit from lessons of experiences of others;
  • Exposure to operational support and services: a unique first-hand opportunity to appreciate and directly interact with the wide-ranging organisations that support and facilitate the role and operations of ombud offices towards effective performance and sustainable impact;
  • Capacity enhancement: abilities and capabilities of officials and functionaries enhanced through sustained exposure to success stories from across the world and an unprecedented opportunity to meet and interact with a wide spectrum of related institutions;
  • Fostering relationships and networking: with the envisaged huge gathering of institution-types and their functionaries, exhibitors and participants will have a rich opportunity to build strategic relationships towards enhancing the role and performance of their respective organisations;
  • Expert conference: parallel workshops and expert sessions throughout the 3-day exhibition will enable discussions on topical issues, exposure to innovations in contemporary governance and performance, and access to insightful guidelines for new and budding oversight and regulatory institutions;
  • International media spotlight: wide international media coverage through new and traditional channels with every exhibitor enjoying commensurate reporting to further highlight their role and impact for the benefit of their respective national environments;  
  • Improved international understanding and diplomacy: fostering of mutual understanding amongst international participants and exhibitors; and
  • Enhanced appreciation of host: enhancement of the image and reputation of the host country and city through exposing exhibitors and participants to the culture, social milieu and opportunities available for potential investors and future visitors.

Who Will Participate

  • Offices of Ombudsman and Complaints Commissioners
  • National Human Rights Institutions
  • Mediateurs, Provedor d’Justica, Defensoria del Pueblo, etc
  • Specialty Ombudsman Offices in government, corporate, and non-governmental bodies
  • Inspector-Generals
  • Ethics, Integrity and Anti-Corruption bodies
  • Control Yuan
  • Peoples Advocates, Public Defenders and Public Protectors
  • Legislative Petition Committees
  • Regulatory Organisations
  • Grievance and Complaints Handling offices in agencies, departments, and corporate organisations
  • Advocacy and Non-governmental organisations
  • Related institutions at National and Sub-national governments
  • Regional Associations of Ombud offices
  • Equality Commissions
  • National Preventive Mechanisms
  • Governmental Human Rights Focal Points
  • Human rights defenders
  • Legislators, parliamentarians and policy makers
  • Representatives Government departments and agencies
  • Representatives of Business and For-Profit Organisations
  • Local authorities
  • International aid and development agencies
  • Mediators and Administrative Counsellors
  • Performance Auditors
  • Government Accountability Office
  • Professional Support and Service Providers
  • Scholars and academics
  • Media organisations and practitioners
  • Book publishers
  • Trainers and capacity development practitioners
  • IT and software experts
  • Associated professional advisors
  • Banks and financial institutions
  • Universities and educational institutions
  • Hospital management bodies
  • Security and military establishments
  • Civil society organisations
  • Regional Network of Human Rights Institutions
  • Members of the International Ombudsman Institute
  • Members of the International Ombudsman Association
  • Members of the Global Alliance of National Human Rights Institutions
  • Representatives of International, Regional and Inter-governmental Organisations


What Will Be Exhibited?

  • Reports and official publications
  • Media reports and excerpts
  • Publication of organisation’s services and other literature
  • Physical evidence of achievements and success stories
  • Audio visual displays on role, operations and performance
  • Cultural artefacts
  • Documentary visuals, videos and other online sources
  • Interactive videos
  • Training and capacity development materials
  • Book publications and other intellectual materials
  • Technology use and business processes
  • IT software