At IOE 2024, exhibitors and participants will have an unparalleled opportunity to share experiences, network, and enhance their capacity.   

No one knows your office better than you do, so you are ultimately the best judge of how the good practices and lessons of experience of your office should be effectively conveyed.  By way of suggestion, however, the items that you could showcase in your booth, but not limited to, are: 

  1. Reports and official publications
  2. Audio visual displays on role, operations and performance
  3. Media reports and excerpts
  4. Campaign publication of organisation’s services and other literatures
  5. Physical evidence of achievements and success stories
  6. Technology use and business processes, IT software
  7. Documentary videos and online sources
  8. Training and capacity development materials
  9. Book publications and other intellectual materials
  10. Cultural artefacts

Each fully registered exhibitor will be provided with a booth, measured at 3 x 3 x 8 metres, with appropriate name display, a table and 2 chairs, and electrical connections to power their appliances.  Additional requirements are available on request at the exhibitor’s cost. 

The expectation is that each booth will have at least one staff member in attendance to receive visitors and answer questions they may have.

Interpreters in the official languages of the Expo will be at hand.

Please contact the IOE 2024 Secretariat about your intention and you will be appropriately guided. (Email: