International Ombud Expo
Abuja Nigeria
28 - 31 October 2019

Extending the Ombud Frontiers: Better Governance, Enhanced Performance

The International Ombud Expo 2019 brought together over 250 participants representing national and specialty ombud and grievance handling offices from 38 countries in an exhibition of the role and operations of these unique institutions in facilitating better governance and driving performance in governments and organisations across the world...

Who Participated?

The following individual organisations came together to put on a great and enriching event:

  • Offices of Ombudsman, Mediateurs, Provedor d’Justica, etc
  • Complaints Commissioners
  • Institutions in National and Sub-national governments
  • Grievance-handlers and Complaints Handling offices
  • Ombud associations and professional bodies
  • Specialty Ombudsman Offices of all types in governments, public organisations, business establishments, and non-governmental bodies
  • Human Rights Complaints Commissions and Organisations

  • Organisations for Ethics, Integrity and Corruption-related complaints
  • International, Regional and Inter-governmental Organisations
  • Legislators, parliamentarians and policy makers
  • Representatives of Government departments and agencies
  • International aid and development agencies
  • Service providers
  • Scholars and academics
  • Media organisations and practitioners
  • Book publishers

  • Trainers and capacity development practitioners
  • IT and software experts
  • Associated professional advisors
  • Banks and financial institutions
  • Universities and educational institutions
  • Hospital management bodies
  • Security and military establishment
  • Human rights defenders
  • Civil society organisations
  • Representatives of Business and For-Profit Organisations