We invite you to be part of this Special Event and help build the database for a celebratory exhibition. EMAIL a brief profile (name, position and dates, country) and picture of yourself and other women heads and deputy heads of ombudsman and oversight institutions, past and present, you know to:

Women have contributed immensely towards the development and impact of ombudsman and related oversight institutions across the globe. But this influence has remained largely unnoticed. More so, there is no systematic data available anywhere on this. For the first-time ever, the International Ombud Expo 2019 will include a special event dedicated to showcase through pictures, sharing of experiences, and expert discussions the contributions of women leaders in these institutions.

Under the theme: Women Leaders in Ombudsman and Oversight Institutions, this special Expo Event will involve:

  • Pictorial exhibition of women leaders in ombudsman and oversight institutions, past and present, from across the world;
  • Forum for women ombudsman and oversight leaders to share experiences and impart practical skills and knowledge towards enhancing personal and institutional effectiveness;
  • Explication of the leading role that women leaders have played through the years in order to better understand the factors which drive such successes and draw lessons for prospective leaders;
  • Illumination of the uniquely effective role women leaders play in resolving conflicts, promoting peace building, and boosting the performance and productivity of governments and organisations;
  • Discussion of how women can use the ombudsman, complaints handling and related oversight institutions to promote gender equality and women in development, especially in relation to Sustainable Development Goal 5 on achieving gender equality and empowering all women and girls;
  • At the conclusion of the Expo, publish in a comprehensive compendium, the profile and pictures of women leaders in ombudsman and oversight institutions across the world as a permanent resource material.

To girls and women everywhere, I issue a simple invitation. My sisters, my daughters, my friends; find your voice

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf (former President of Liberia)